Monday a.m.
[8 Dec. 1924]

Here it is: I am not sure it will find favour in your eyes. Look it over and let me know what kind of 'risk' you think it is.


Here it is
Page proofs of The Witches' Brew from Selwyn and Blount.

Pierce replied on 16 December in part as follows: 'Your Witches' Brew has been passed around the Book Room and both Dr Fallis and the management generally have taken copious draughts from its sparkling rim. The general feeling is that a publishing house so closely connected with the Methodist Church could not very well act as Canadian distributor for it. Personally, I should like very much to be able to do something for you with this book not because it is endorsed by the Oxford Regius Professor of English [George Gordon was actually Merton Professor] but for your own sake. I hope the timidity of our house is not prevalent among the other publishers in town and that you may be more successful with them. I do not see that it is necessary to have the imprint of a Canadian publisher on it at all. Some one would likely handle it for you. There is only one change I would make if I were you. On page two I would strike out your name and on page 9 I should do the same kind service.' Pierce was advising him to publish it anonymously.