[15 June 1924]

Dear Vi.

This is Ned, and [...]och Annie.

Am in the Highlands now. Visited Perth. Read The Fair Maid of Perth, visited the house (13th Century) in which the Maid was brought up. Also visited the Inch where the fight took place between the Clan Quhele and the Clan Chattan. Am studying Scott as I travel at first hand. Will write a longer letter when I get to a writing table.


Postcard (illustration: 'The Putting Green: "Come away pretty one",' a cartoon of two golfers, male and female, the man speaking encouragingly to his golf ball which sits on the rim of the cup), postmarked Perthshire, 15 June 1924.

[...]och Annie

The Fair Maid of Perth
Sir Walter Scott's St. Valentine's Day, or The Fair Maid of Perth (1828). The maid's house (pictured here in a postcard dated 19 June 1908) is a major tourist attraction.

where the fight took place
The novel's central event is the tournament in 1396 between thirty members of the Clan Quhele (or Kay) and thirty from the Clan Chattan on the North Inch, a parkland adjacent to Perth.