June 11, [19]23

Dear old thing,

Enclosed find clipping from the Daily News of St. John's Newfoundland. It might help to advertise. Can let you have a few spare copies in case you wanted to forward any to publishers. Did Mr Walker have any success in London?

Any time you feel like running up here, the cottages of Phelps & Pratt are open to you and yours.


clipping from the Daily News
Pratt's old teacher at the Methodist College, J. Alexander Robinson, founder and editor of the St. John's Daily News, writing under the nom-de-plume 'Viator' had, on 26 May 1923, published a two-column review of Newfoundland Verse that included a personal eulogy of Pratt.

Pratt was adamant about wanting an English edition of Newfoundland Verse. See the letters to Pierce, 16 May 1923 and 5 April 1924.