Victoria College
Toronto, Ont.
Monday 23 [April 1918]

My dear Art,

How are you getting along in the world these days! Doesn't Spring make one feel like living? Have you got any Spring songs?

I am sending you an 'Acta' with that little poem, you referred to, in it. I scarcely think it deserves the nice things said about it. However, old boy, you are welcome to it. I am enclosing another written lately which I like better myself, though perhaps it might not 'take' as well as the other.

Now Art, it is only reasonable and decent isn't it, to give tit for tat. Send me some of your own. Certain phrases of your Canadian winds are stuck in my memory permanently. It is simply grand. I keep the Rebel of that month for it alone. Send me some. Best to Mrs Phelps.

Yours sincerely,

The date is incorrect. Internal references suggest the date is either Monday 22 April or Tuesday, 23 April 1918.

that little poem
Probably 'The Dear Illusion' published in Acta Victoriana, 42 (March 1918), 312.

Phelps' poem, 'Canadian Winds,' appeared in the first issue of The Rebel (February 1917).