Victoria College
Toronto Ont
Aug. 18th [19]17

My dear Mrs Wallace,

Would you accept a copy of this poem for yourself, which I wrote this summer. I have been working over some Newfoundland material in the past few weeks, and attempting to get it in some kind of metrical shape. The task has lain close to my heart for some time, and the summer holidays gave me sufficient leisure between my preaching to do a little writing. The theme deals with many incidents in connection with my father's ministry in the 'Ancient Colony.' I remember with the warmest gratitude your kindness to me, together with that of Dr Wallace, during the last two or three years, and this gift is only the slenderest token of my deeper appreciation. Dear old Paul, we had many a long chat over some of our future plans, and I just long for his return. I received a nice letter from him two or three weeks ago. He is all gold. Best regards to Dr Wallace and Miss Wallace.

Sincerely yours
E.J. Pratt

this poem
The letter accompanied a carbon typescript of Rachel.

Miss Wallace
The Wallaces' only daughter.