History and Description of the Texts

The History of the Texts

The History of the Texts follows the same format as the Timeline: that is, each entry (or set of entries from the same period) is preceded by a date or date range.

It includes all available information relevant to the development of the text:

The main sources of information for the History are:

Description of the Texts

The Description of the Texts includes descriptions of all published and unpublished versions.

The description of the published versions does not aim at full bibliographical descriptions of the type available in the Source files. Its aim is to provide an overview of the editorial issues raised by the texts: accuracy, clarity of layout, etc.

The description of the unpublished versions focusses on the physical appearance of the manuscripts and typescripts (ink or pencil, top copy or carbon copy, etc.) and their relationship to one another. It also indicates what material has not been included in the edition (e.g., rough notes, incomplete manuscripts, non-authorial markings on typescripts).