Edited Versions

The Edited Version is emended and regularized. (See Record of Emendations and Record of Regularizations).

Headings and section markers which are centred in the original are changed to flush left, in accordance with the University of Toronto Press house style. However, the layout of the original is followed in the case of headings in the left margin. For example:

Sir Francis   "Gentlemen: I shall be very brief and I hope
              To be as brief after we get to sea.
              I shall keep my signals to a minimum,

Every tenth line is numbered in the left margin.

NOTE: In the two editions of the Collected Poems published by the University of Toronto Press (1944 and 1958) all marginal headings have been moved into the main text, presumably because the simplified versions with narrower left margins were less expensive to produce. This change is not only contrary to Pratt's clear intentions in all earlier versions of the poems in question: it also leads to frequent confusion and numerous errors. I have therefore restored all marginal headings for versions of poems from either of these editions, including Version 10 of Behind the Log.