Collated Versions

Screen Layout

The screen consists of two frames. The Collated Versions (one at a time) are displayed in the top frame; a List of Variants for all versions is displayed in the bottom frame.

Recording Conventions

The conventions followed in the Complete Poems for recording the results of the collations are intended to reflect, in as transparent a way as possible, the chronological development of each poem through its successive versions, without singling out any one of the versions as the copy-text to which the other versions are compared.

Preparation of the Collated Versions

Texts presented in the "Collated" format have already been emended and regularized. (See Record of Emendations and Record of Regularizations). Therefore all differences noted represent genuine variants.

The following are used to distinguish among the various forms of headings, irrespective of where they appear in the original:

Format of the Collated Versions

NOTE: In the case of multiple revisions which form part of a single revised version of a poem, only the final revision is listed for that version. Thus the following revision from the Pratt Collection, Box 5, File 39, Page 14

appears in the Collated Version as:

05.0517      Was but five knots. The moon illuminated

The intermediate revision (six) is not recorded in the Collated Version (although it is, of course, recorded in the Transcribed Version).

The List of Variants

The variants in each of the Collated Versions are linked through line numbers (with the exception of missing lines, explained below) to a single file which lists the variants for all versions of the poem. This List of Variants is, in turn, linked back through line numbers to each of the Collated Versions.

In the List of Variants each variant line is listed along with the corresponding variant lines from all other versions, in chronological order. This arrangement enables the user of the edition to see, at a glance, all versions of a particular variant:

01.0154        Calling to Tyndale, Tyndale answering Kelvin,

02.0490        Calling to Tyndale, Tyndale answering Kelvin,

03.0490        Calling to Tyndale, Langevin, and Curie answering Fresnel,

04.0489        Calling to Tyndale, Tyndale answering Kelvin,

05.0487        Calling to Langevin, he to Fresnel,

06.0490        Calling to Langevin, he to Fresnel,

07.0490        Calling to Langevin, he to Fresnel,

08.0490        Calling to Langevin, he to Fresnel,

09.0490        Calling to Langevin, he to Fresnel,

10.0490        Calling to Langevin, he to Fresnel,

Missing Line(s)

When a variant involves a line or group of lines which is present in some version(s) but missing from the version in question, the point at which the passage is missing is marked by a pair of angled brackets (<>); in the version(s) in which the passage appears, the passage is enclosed in angled brackets.

In the following examples the angled brackets between lines 414 and 415 in Version 1 correspond to lines 980-984 in Version 2, which are enclosed by angled brackets:

01.0414/5      <>

02.0980        <The Commodore reported, "Gypsum Queen
               Torpedoed and sunk." Alberni gets an echo,
               Five hundred yards, Kenogami confirming.
               Chambly and Moose Jaw get a definite kill
02.0984        With prisoners, and then a "probable.">

Note: It is the angled brackets which act as links, not the line numbers. The reason for making the links through the angled brackets rather than through the line numbers is to avoid a conflict when the line which begins or ends the passage in question itself contains a variant. This is best explained with reference to an example:

09.1128        In a new harvest on a hoped tomorrow;>
Line 1128 of Version 9 contains a variant (In a new harvest on); but the line also marks the end of a passage (lines 1127-8) which is missing in Version 1. Line 1128 must therefore be linked to 2 different locations in the List of Variants:
  1. to the list of variants for In a new harvest on
  2. to the list of the versions in which the passage corresponding to lines 1127-8 is missing (Version 1) or present (all other versions):
Since the line number is already being used to provide a link to the first, it is not available to provide a link to the second as well; the link to the second is therefore provided by the angled bracket.

In the List of Variants, only the first and last line of the passage in question is recorded, enclosed within angled brackets. Intervening lines are represented by ellipsis points:

02.0477        <He had to know that threat and not mistake it.
...            ...
02.0484        His pupils, kicked his heart into his throat.>
The reason for listing the passage in this abbreviated format is that doing otherwise would greatly increase the size of the List of Variants without adding any information. In the case of Behind the Log, for example, nine of the versions each contain approximately 500 line which are missing in Version 1.

Moving Between the Collated Versions and the List of Variants

The Collated Version which is initially displayed in the top frame is chosen through the appropriate link in the Table of Texts. Thereafter, other versions can be chosen by clicking on the appropriate line number in the List of Variants: e.g, clicking on 07.0543 in the List of Variants will display Version 7 in the upper frame, with line 543 at the top of the frame.

The List of Variants is initially displayed with the first variant at the top of the frame. The rest of the List can be accessed either by scrolling or by clicking on the appropriate line number in the Collated Version: e.g., clicking on 03.0057 when Version 3 is displayed in the upper frame will display the list of variants for this line in the bottom frame, with 03.0057 at the top of the frame.

This allows easy movement back and forth between the List of Variants and all Collated Versions of the poem.