Annotated Versions

Screen Layout

The screen consists of two frames. The Annotated Version is displayed in the top frame; annotations are displayed in the bottom frame.


When there is general introductory material, the link is through the title; in other cases the links are through the words or phrases being annotated.

Function of the Annotations

The primary function of the annotations is to explain obscure terms and references. The annotations, however, have a further function: to establish a context for informed interpretation even in cases when the poems present no obvious difficulties. Part of this context is the literary traditions within which Pratt worked. Thus, particularly significant formal features of the poems are noted, as well as literary allusions, influences, models, etc. Relevant information concerning Pratt's life and times is also provided, and parallels are drawn with his other writings, including his letters.


The main sources for the annotations are:

NOTE: At present I am annotating only the last version of each poem, unless there are significant differences amongst the versions, since to annotate all versions would be extremely time-consuming and, in most cases, redundant.