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Spilltears Rue) was thus expressed: to sympathisers of the Dole 1
Line, Death Avenue,anent those objects of her pity-prompted 2
ministrance, to wet, man and his syphon. Ehim! It is ever too 3
late to whissle when Phyllis floods her stable. It would be skar- 4
lot shame to jailahim in lockup, as was proposed to him by the 5
Seddoms creature what matter what merrytricks went off with 6
his revulverher in connections with ehim being a norphan and 7
enjoining such wicked illth, ehim! Well done, Drumcollakill! 8
Kitty Tyrrel is proud of you, was the reply of a B.O.T. official 9
(O blame gnot the board !) while the Daughters Benkletter mur- 10
mured in uniswoon: Golforgilhisjurylegs! Brian Lynsky, the cub 11
curser, was questioned at his shouting box, Bawlonabraggat, and 12
gave a snappy comeback, when saying: Paw! Once more I'll 13
hellbowl! I am for caveman chase and sahara sex, burk you! Them 14
two bitches ought to be leashed, canem! Up hog and hoar hunt! 15
Paw! A wouldbe martyr, who is attending on sanit Asitas where 16
he is being taught to wear bracelets, when grilled on the point, 17
revealed the undoubted fact that the consequence would be that 18
so long as Sankya Moondy played his mango tricks under the 19
mysttetry, with shady apsaras sheltering in his leaves' licence and 20
his shadowers torrifried by the potent bolts of indradiction, there 21
would be fights all over Cuxhaven. (Tosh!) Missioner Ida Womb- 22
well, the seventeenyearold revivalist, said concerning the coinci- 23
dent of interfizzing with grenadines and other respectable and 24
disgusted peersons using the park: That perpendicular person is 25
a brut! But a magnificent brut! 'Caligula' (Mr Danl Magrath, 26
bookmaker, wellknown to Eastrailian poorusers of the Sydney 27
Parade Ballotin) was, as usual, antipodal with his: striving todie, 28
hopening tomellow, Ware Splash. Cobbler. We have meat two 29
hourly, sang out El Caplan Buycout, with the famous padre's 30
turridur's capecast, meet too ourly, matadear! Dan Meiklejohn, 31
precentor, of S.S. Smack and Olley's was probiverbal with his 32
upsiduxit: mutatus mutandus. Dauran's lord ('Sniffpox') and Moir- 33
gan's lady ('Flatterfun') took sides and crossed and bowed to 34
each other's views and recrossed themselves. The dirty dubs upin 35
their flies, went too free, echoed the dainly drabs downin their 36