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A Webified version of
James Joyce's Finnegans Wake.

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This HTML version and other electronic versions of James Joyce's Finnegans  Wake and Ulysses are made available via the World Wide Web, FTP and Gopher through the courtesy of Trent University. Both texts are available in HTML  and WP 5.1, with most of the graphic and typographic effects included, and in ASCII text without these features.

Dedication - for Bill Krauss
Made possible by generous grants of slack from my wife,
disk space, permission and adult guidance from Donald Theall
Methods Some bright lad in the nation formerly (and currently) known as Russia has discovered WEBGET, the nifty Gnu program that can recursively suck all the files, images and data from a web site. On this site, however, I've got 36 perl-based CGI scripts on each page, searching the Cadbury Line Reference database. Hence, when this site is scanned, it sets off all the CGI's at once, crippling the server. Hence, DON'T DO THAT! If you want the whole thing, grab this.
Latest Features:
  • Rubric Line Number,
    linked to References to standard critical works on FW.
  • Changed the F1-1-3.htm numbering scheme to fw-3.htm
  • Still need to convert II.2 to tables and reitalicize BUTT and TAFF.
  • Done! I'm Done! 960923 - 971007!!
  • Not so fast! Good old Bob Williams sent me thirty pages of corrections, typos and errata.
  • OK, now I'm done (for now) 981023 - 990121!!
  • Experimental Test Page: McHugh's Annotations for Page 60


Mummerries of Resurrection
Mark Troy's study of Egyptology in FW,
available as an HTM (HTML ) Thanks to Eric Rosenbloom! or Word Perfect files.
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Donald Theall
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The New Game
Genetic closereadings by Jorn Barger
Overview Ulysses notes
FW notes Berkeley
The Cad
Oxen of the Sun
Circe notes Kevin
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