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bird! From golddawn glory to glowworm gleam. We were1
lowquacks did we not tacit turn. Elsewere there here no con-2
cern of the Guinnesses. But only the ruining of the rain has3
heard. Estout pourporteral! Cracklings cricked. A human pest4
cycling (pist!) and recycling (past!) about the sledgy streets, here5
he was (pust!) again! Morse nuisance noised. He was loose at6
large and (Oh baby!) might be anywhere when a disguised ex-7
nun, of huge standbuild and masculine manners in her fairly fat8
forties, Carpulenta Gygasta, hattracted hattention by harbitrary9
conduct with a homnibus. Aerials buzzed to coastal listeners of10
an oertax bror collector's budget, fullybigs, sporran, tie, tuft,11
tabard and bloody antichill cloak, its tailor's (Baernfather's) tab12
reading V.P.H., found nigh Scaldbrothar's Hole, and divers13
shivered to think what kaind of beast, wolves, croppis's or four-14
penny friars, had devoured him. C. W. cast wide. Hvidfinns lyk,15
drohneth svertgleam, Valkir lockt. On his pinksir's postern, the16
boys had it, at Whitweekend had been nailed an inkedup name17
and title, inscribed in the national cursives, accelerated, regres-18
sive, filiform, turreted and envenomoloped in piggotry: Move19
up. Mumpty! Mike room for Rumpty! By order, Nickekellous20
Plugg; and this go, no pentecostal jest about it, how gregarious21
his race soever or skilful learned wise cunning knowledgable22
clear profound his saying fortitudo fraught or prudentiaproven,23
were he chief, count, general, fieldmarshal, prince, king or Myles24
the Slasher in his person, with a moliamordhar mansion in the25
Breffnian empire and a place of inauguration on the hill of Tully-26
mongan, there had been real murder, of the rayheallach royghal27
raxacraxian variety, the MacMahon chaps, it was, that had done28
him in. On the fidd of Verdor the rampart combatants had left29
him lion with his dexter handcoup wresterected in a pureede30
paumee bloody proper. Indeed not a few thick and thin well-31
wishers, mostly of the clontarfminded class, (Colonel John Bawle32
O'Roarke, fervxamplus), even ventured so far as to loan or beg33
copies of D. Blayncy's trilingual triweekly, Scatterbrains' Aften-34
ing Posht, so as to make certain sure onetime and be satisfied of35
their quasicontribusodalitarian's having become genuinely quite36