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bic bugles, hot to run him, given law, on a scent breasthigh,1
keen for the worry. View! From his holt outratted across the2
Juletide's genial corsslands of Humfries Chase from Mullinahob3
and Peacockstown, then bearing right upon Tankardstown, the4
outlier, a white noelan which Mr Loewensteil Fitz Urse's basset5
beaters had first misbadgered for a bruin of some swart, led6
bayers the run, then through Raystown and Horlockstown and,7
louping the loup, to Tankardstown again. Ear canny hare for8
doubling through Cheeverstown they raced him, through9
Loughlinstown and Nutstown to wind him by the Boolies. But10
from the good turn when he last was lost, check, upon Ye Hill11
of Rut in full winter coat with ticker pads, pointing for his room-12
ing house his old nordest in his rolltoproyal hessians a deaf fuch-13
ser's volponism hid him close in covert, miraculously ravenfed14
and buoyed up, in rumer, reticule, onasum and abomasum, upon15
(may Allbrewham have his mead!) the creamclotted sherriness of16
cinnamon syllabub, Mikkelraved, Nikkelsaved. Hence hounds17
hied home. Preservative perseverance in the reeducation of his18
intestines was the rebuttal by whilk he sort of git the big bulge19
on the whole bunch of spasoakers, dieting against glues and gra-20
vies, in that sometime prestreet protown. Vainly violence, viru-21
lence and vituperation sought wellnigh utterly to attax and a-22
bridge, to derail and depontify, to enrate and inroad, to ongoad23
and unhume the great shipping mogul and underlinen overlord.24
    But the spoil of hesitants, the spell of hesitency. His atake is 25
it ashe, tittery taw tatterytail, hasitense humponadimply, heyhey-26
heyhey a winceywencky.27
    Assembly men murmured. Reynard is slow! 28
    One feared for his days. Did there yawn? 'Twas his stom- 29
mick. Eruct? The libber. A gush? From his visuals. Pung? De-30
livver him, orelode! He had laid violent hands on himself, it was31
brought in Fugger's Newsletter, lain down, all in, fagged out,32
with equally melancholy death. For the triduum of Saturnalia33
his goatservant had paraded hiz willingsons in the Forum while34
the jenny infanted the lass to be greeted raucously (the Yardstat-35
ed) with houx and epheus and measured with missiles too from36