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he caught his paper dispillsation from the poke, old Minace and1
Minster York? Do I mind? I mind the gush off the mon like Bal-2
lybock manure works on a tradewinds day. And the O'Moyly3
gracies and the O'Briny rossies chaffing him bluchface and play-4
ing him pranks. How do you do, todo, North Mister? Get into5
my way! Ah dearome forsailoshe! Gone over the bays! When6
ginabawdy meadabawdy! Yerra, why would he heed that old7
gasometer with his hooping coppin and his dyinboosycough and8
all the birds of the southside after her, Minxy Cunningham, their9
dear divorcee darling, jimmies and jonnies to be her jo? Hold10
hard. There's three other corners to our isle's cork float. Sure, 'tis11
well I can telesmell him H2CE3 that would take a township's12
breath away! Gob and I nose him too well as I do meself, heav-13
ing up the Kay Wall by the 32 to 11 with his limelooking horse-14
bags full of sesameseed, the Whiteside Kaffir, and his sayman's15
effluvium and his scentpainted voice, puffing out his thundering16
big brown cabbage! Pa! Thawt I'm glad a gull for his pawsdeen17
fiunn! Goborro, sez he, Lankyshied! Gobugga ye, sez I! O18
breezes! I sniffed that lad long before anyone. It was when I was19
in my farfather out at the west and she and myself, the redheaded20
girl, firstnighting down Sycomore Lane. Fine feelplay we had21
of it mid the kissabetts frisking in the kool kurkle dusk of the22
lushiness. My perfume of the pampas, says she (meaning me)23
putting out her netherlights, and I'd sooner one precious sip at24
your pure mountain dew than enrich my acquaintance with that25
big brewer's belch.26
    And so they went on, the fourbottle men, the analists, ungu- 27
am and nunguam and lunguam again, their anschluss about her28
whosebefore and his whereafters and how she was lost away29
away in the fern and how he was founded deap on deep in anear,30
and the rustlings and the twitterings and the raspings and the31
snappings and the sighings and the paintings and the ukukuings32
and the (hist!) the springapartings and the (hast!) the bybyscutt-33
lings and all the scandalmunkers and the pure craigs that used to34
be (up) that time living and lying and rating and riding round35
Nunsbelly Square. And all the buds in the bush. And the laugh-36