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their standing verdict of Nolans Brumans whereoneafter King,1
having murdered all the English he knew, picked out his pockets2
and left the tribunal scotfree, trailing his Tommeylommey's tunic3
in his hurry, thereinunder proudly showing off the blink patch to4
his britgits to prove himself (an't plase yous!) a rael genteel. To5
the Switz bobbyguard's curial but courtlike: Commodore valley O6
hairy, Arthre jennyrosy?: the firewaterloover returted with such a7
vinesmelling fortytudor ages rawdownhams tanyouhide as would8
the latten stomach even of a tumass equinous (we were pre-9
pared for the chap's clap cap, the accent, but, took us as, by surprise10
and now we're geshing it like gush gash from a burner!) so that all11
the twofromthirty advocatesses within echo, pulling up their briefs12
at the krigkry: Shun the Punman!: safely and soundly soccered13
that fenemine Parish Poser, (how dare he!) umprumptu right-14
oway hames, much to his thanks, gratiasagam, to all the wrong15
donatrices, biss Drinkbattle's Dingy Dwellings where (for like16
your true venuson Esau he was dovetimid as the dears at17
Bottome) he shat in (zoo), like the muddy goalbind who he was18
(dun), the chassetitties belles conclaiming: You and your gift of19
your gaft of your garbage abaht our Farvver! and gaingridando:20
Hon! Verg! Nau! Putor! Skam! Schams! Shames!21
    And so it all ended. Artha kama dharma moksa. Ask Kavya for 22
the kay. And so everybody heard their plaint and all listened to23
their plause. The letter! The litter! And the soother the bitther!24
Of eyebrow pencilled, by lipstipple penned. Borrowing a word25
and begging the question and stealing tinder and slipping like26
soap. From dark Rasa Lane a sigh and a weep, from Lesbia27
Looshe the beam in her eye, from lone Coogan Barry his arrow28
of song, from Sean Kelly's anagrim a blush at the name, from29
I am the Sullivan that trumpeting tramp, from Suffering Duf-30
ferin the Sit of her Style, from Kathleen May Vernon her Mebbe31
fair efforts, from Fillthepot Curran his scotchlove machree-32
ther, from hymn Op. 2 Phil Adolphos the weary O, the leery,33
O, from Samyouwill Leaver or Damyouwell Lover thatjolly34
old molly bit or that bored saunter by, from Timm Finn again's35
weak tribes, loss of strenghth to his sowheel, from the wedding36