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king of all, Pegger Festy, as soon as the outer layer of stuccko-1
muck had been removed at the request of a few live jurors,2
declared in a loudburst of poesy, through his Brythonic inter-3
preter on his oath, mhuith peisth mhuise as fearra bheura muirre4
hriosmas, whereas take notice be the relics of the bones of the5
story bouchal that was ate be Cliopatrick (the sow) princess6
of parked porkers, afore God and all their honours and king's7
commons that, what he would swear to the Tierney of Dundal-8
gan or any other Tierney, yif live thurkells folloged him about9
sure that was no steal and that, nevertheless, what was deposited10
from that eyebold earbig noseknaving gutthroat, he did not fire11
a stone either before or after he was born down and up to that12
time. And, incidentalising that they might talk about Markarthy13
or they might walk to Baalastartey or they might join the nabour14
party and come on to Porterfeud this the sockdologer had the15
neck to endorse with the head bowed on him over his outturned16
noreaster by protesting to his lipreaders with a justbeencleaned17
barefacedness, abeam of moonlight's hope, in the same trelawney18
what he would impart, pleas bench. to the Llwyd Josus and the19
gentlemen in Jury's and the four of Masterers who had been all20
those yarns yearning for that good one about why he left21
Dublin, that, amreeta beaker coddling doom, as an Inishman was22
as good as any cantonnatal, if he was to parish by the market steak23
before the dorming of the mawn, he skuld never ask to see sight or24
light of this world or the other world or any either world, of Tyre-25
nan-Og, as true as he was there in that jackabox that minute, or26
wield or wind (no thanks t'yous!) the inexousthausthible wassail-27
horn tot of iskybaush the hailth up the wailth of the endknown ab-28
god of the fire of the moving way of the hawks with his heroes in29
Warhorror if ever in all his exchequered career he up or lave a30
chancery hand to take or throw the sign of a mortal stick or stone31
at man, yoelamb or salvation army either before or after being32
puptised down to that most holy and every blessed hour. Here,33
upon the halfkneed castleknocker's attempting kithoguishly to34
lilt his holymess the paws and make the sign of the Roman God-35
helic faix, (Xaroshie, zdrst!      in his excitement the laddo had36