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his exution with all the fluors of sparse in the royal Irish vocabulary1
how the whole padderjagmartin tripiezite suet and all the sulfeit2
of copperas had fallen off him quatz unaccountably like the3
chrystalisations of Alum on Even while he was trying for to stick4
fire to himcell, (in feacht he was dripping as he found upon strip-5
ping for a pipkin ofmalt as he feared the coold raine) it was6
attempted by the crown (P.C. Robort) to show that King, elois7
Crowbar, once known as Meleky, impersonating a climbing boy,8
rubbed some pixes of any luvial peatsmoor o'er his face, plucks9
and pussas, with a clanetourf as the best means of disguising 10
himself and was to the middlewhite fair in Mudford of a Thoor-11
day, feishts of Peeler and Pole, under the illassumed names of12
Tykingfest and Rabworc picked by him and Anthony out of a13
tellafun book, ellegedly with a pedigree pig (unlicensed) and a14
hyacinth. They were on that sea by the plain of Ir nine hundred15
and ninetynine years and they never cried crack or ceased from16
regular paddlewicking till that they landed their two and a17
trifling selves, amadst camel and ass, greybeard and suckling,18
priest and pauper, matrmatron and merrymeg, into the meddle19
of the mudstorm. The gathering, convened by the Irish Angri-20
cultural and Prepostoral Ouraganisations, to help the Irish muck21
to look his brother dane in the face and attended thanks to22
Larry by large numbers, of christies and jew's totems, tospite of23
the deluge, was distinctly of a scattery kind when the bally-24
bricken he could get no good of, after cockofthewalking through25
a few fancyfought mains ate some of the doorweg, the pikey26
later selling the gentleman ratepayer because she, Francie's sister,27
that is to say, ate a whole side of his (the animal's) sty, on a28
struggle Street, Qui Sta Troia, in order to pay off, hiss or lick,29
six doubloons fifteen arrears of his, the villain's not the rumbler's30
    Remarkable evidence was given, anon, by an eye, ear, nose 32
and throat witness, whom Wesleyan chapelgoers suspected of33
being a plain clothes priest W.P., situate at Nullnull, Medical34
Square, who, upon letting down his rice and peacegreen cover-35
disk and having been sullenly cautioned against yawning while36