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direction of Moscas, he first got rid of a few mitsmillers and1
hurooshoos and levanted off with tubular jurbulance at a bull's2
run over the assback bridge, spitting his teeths on rooths, with the3
seven and four in danegeld and their humoral hurlbat or other4
uncertain weapon of lignum vitae, but so evermore rhumanasant of5
a toboggan poop, picked up to keep some crowplucking ap-6
pointment with some rival rialtos anywheres between Pearidge7
and the Littlehorn while this poor delaney, who they left along8
with the confederate fender behind and who albeit ballsbluffed,9
bore up wonderfully wunder all of it with a whole number of10
plumsized contusiums, plus alasalah bruised coccyx, all over him,11
reported the occurance in the best way he could, to the flabber-12
gaze of the whole lab, giving the Paddybanners the military13
salute as for his exilicy's the O'Daffy, in justifiable hope that,14
in nobiloroman review of the hugely sitisfactuary conclusium15
of their negotiations and the jugglemonkysh agripment dein-16
derivative, some lotion or fomentation of poppyheads would be17
jennerously exhibited to the parts, at the nearest watchhouse in18
Vicar Lane, the white ground of his face all covered with diagon-19
ally redcrossed nonfatal mammalian blood as proofpositive of the20
seriousness of his character and that he was bleeding in self21
defience (stanch it!) from the nostrils, lips, pavilion and palate,22
while some of his hitter's hairs had been pulled off his knut's23
head by Colt though otherwise his allround health appeared to24
be middling along as it proved most fortunate that not one of25
the two hundred and six bones and five hundred and one muscles26
in his corso was a whit the whorse for her whacking. Herwho?27
    Nowthen, leaving clashing ash, brawn and muscle and brass- 28
made to oust earthernborn and rockcrystal to wreck isinglass but29
wurming along gradually for our savings backtowards mother-30
waters so many miles from bank and Dublin stone (olympiading31
even till the eleventh dynasty to reach that thuddysickend Ham-32
laugh) and to the question of boney's unlawfully obtaining a33
pierced paraflamme and claptrap fireguard there crops out the34
still more salient point of the politish leanings and town pursuits35
of our forebeer, El Don De Dunelli, (may his ship thicked stick36