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when it's hatter's hares, mon, for me, to advance you something1
like four and sevenpence between hopping and trapping which2
you might just as well have, boy baches, to buy J. J. and S. with.3
There was a minute silence before memory's fire's rekindling and4
then. Heart alive! Which at very first wind of gay gay and whisk-5
wigs wick's ears pricked up, the starving gunman, strike him6
pink, became strangely calm and forthright sware by all his lards7
porsenal that the thorntree of sheol might ramify up his Sheo-8
fon to the lux apointlex but he would go good to him suntime9
marx my word fort, for a chip off the old Flint, (in the Nichtian10
glossery which purveys aprioric roots for aposteriorious tongues11
this is nat language at any sinse of the world and one might as12
fairly go and kish his sprogues as fail to certify whether the13
wartrophy eluded at some lives earlier was that somethink like a14
jug, to what, a coctable) and remarxing in languidoily, seemingly15
much more highly pleased than tongue could tell at this opening16
of a lifetime and the foretaste of the Dun Bank pearlmothers17
and the boy to wash down which he would feed to himself in18
the Ruadh Cow at Tallaght and then into the Good Woman at19
Ringsend and after her inat Conway's Inn at Blackrock and, first20
to fall, cursed be all, where appetite would keenest be, atte,21
funeral fare or fun fain real, Adam and Eve's in Quantity Street22
by the grace of gamy queen Tailte, her will and testament: You23
stunning little southdowner! I'd know you anywhere, Declaney,24
let me truthfully tell you in or out of the lexinction of life and25
who the hell else, be your blanche patch on the boney part!26
Goalball I've struck this daylit dielate night of nights, by golly!27
My hat, you have some bully German grit, sundowner! He28
spud in his faust (axin); he toped the raw best (pardun); he29
poked his pick (a tip is a tap): and he tucked his friend's leave.And,30
with French hen or the portlifowlium of hastes and leisures, about31
to continue that, the queer mixture exchanged the pax in embrace32
or poghue puxy as practised between brothers of the same breast,33
hillelulia, killelulia, allenalaw, and, having ratified before the34
god of the day their torgantruce which belittlers have schmall-35
kalled the treatyng to cognac, turning his fez menialstrait in the36