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him, to live all safeathomely the presenile days of his life of1
opulence, ancient ere decrepitude, late lents last lenience, till2
stuffering stage, whaling away the whole of the while (hypnos3
chilia eonion!) lethelulled between explosion and reexplosion4
(Donnaurwatteur! Hunderthunder!) from grosskopp to megapod,5
embalmed, of grand age, rich in death anticipated.6
    But abide Zeit's sumonserving, rise afterfall. Blueblitzbolted 7
from there, knowing the hingeworms of the hallmirks of habita-8
tionlesness, buried burrowing in Gehinnon, to proliferate through9
all his Unterwealth, seam by seam, sheol om sheol, and revisit10
our Uppercrust Sideria of Utilitarios, the divine one, the hoar-11
der hidden propaguting his plutorpopular progeniem of pots and12
pans and pokers and puns from biddenland to boughtenland, the13
spearway fore the spoorway.14
    The other spring offensive on the heights of Abraham may 15
have come about all quite by accidence, Foughtarundser (for16
Breedabrooda had at length presuaded him to have himself to be17
as septuply buried as the murdered Cian in Finntown), had not18
been three monads in his watery grave (what vigilantes and ridings19
then and spuitwyne pledges with aardappel frittling!) when20
portrifaction, dreyfussed as ever, began to ramp, ramp, ramp, the21
boys are parching. A hoodenwinkle gave the signal and a bless-22
ing paper freed the flood. Why did the patrizien make him scares23
with his gruntens? Because the druiven were muskating at the24
door. From both Celtiberian camps (granting at the onset for the25
sake of argument that men on the two sides in New South Ire-26
land and Vetera Uladh, bluemin and pillfaces, during the ferment27
With the Pope or On the Pope, had, moors or letts, grant ideas,28
grunted) all conditions, poor cons and dives mor, each, of course,29
on the purely doffensive since the eternals were owlwise on their30
side every time, were drawn toowards their Bellona's Black31
Bottom, once Woolwhite's Waltz (Ohiboh, how becrimed,32
becursekissed and bedumbtoit!) some for want of proper feeding33
in youth, others already caught in the honourable act of slicing34
careers for family and carvers in conjunction; and, if emaciated35
nough, the person garrotted may have suggested to whomever he36