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he should petrifake suchanevver while the contractors Messrs1
T. A. Birkett and L. O. Tuohalls were made invulnerably vener-2
able) first in the west, our misterbilder, Castlevillainous, openly3
damned and blasted by means of a hydromine, system, Sowan and4
Belting, exploded from a reinvented T.N.T. bombingpost up5
ahoy of eleven and thirty wingrests (circiter) to sternbooard out6
of his aerial thorpeto, Auton Dynamon, contacted with the ex-7
pectant minefield by tins of improved ammonia lashed to her8
shieldplated gunwale, and fused into tripupcables, slipping9
through tholse and playing down from the conning tower into10
the ground battery fuseboxes, all differing as clocks from keys11
since nobody appeared to have the same time of beard, some12
saying by their Oorlog it was Sygstryggs to nine, more holding13
with the Ryan vogt it was Dane to pfife. He afterwards whaan-14
ever his blaetther began to fail off him and his rough bark was15
wholly husky and, stoop by stoop, he neared it (wouldmanspare!)16
carefully lined the ferroconcrete result with rotproof bricks and17
mortar, fassed to fossed, and retired beneath the heptarchy of18
his towerettes, the beauchamp, byward, bull and lion, the white,19
the wardrobe and bloodied, so encouraging (insteppen, alls als20
hats beliefd!) additional useful councils public with hoofd off-21
dealings which were welholden of ladykants te huur out such as the22
Breeders' Union, the Guild of Merchants of the Staple et, a.u.c. to23
present unto him with funebral pomp, over and above that, a stone24
slab with the usual Mac Pelah address of velediction, a very fair-25
worded instance of falsemeaning adamelegy: We have done ours26
gohellt with you, Heer Herewhippit, overgiven it, skidoo!27
    But t'house and allaboardshoops! Show coffins, winding sheets, 28
goodbuy bierchepes, cinerary urns, liealoud blasses, snuffchests,29
poteentubbs, lacrimal vases, hoodendoses, reekwaterbeckers,30
breakmiddles, zootzaks for eatlust, including upyourhealthing31
rookworst and meathewersoftened forkenpootsies and for that32
matter, javel also, any kind of inhumationary bric au brac for33
the adornment of his glasstone honophreum, would, met these34
trein of konditiens, naturally follow, halas, in the ordinary course,35
enabling that roundtheworlder wandelingswight, did suches pass36