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deafadumped all his dry goods to his most favoured sinflute and1
dropped him, what remains of a heptark, leareyed and letterish,2
weeping worrybound on his bankrump.3
    Pepep. Pay bearer, sure and sorry, at foot of ohoho honest 4
policist. On never again, by Phoenis, swore on him Lloyd's,5
not for beaten wheat, not after Sir Joe Meade's father, thanks!6
They know him, the covenanter, by rote at least, for a chameleon7
at last, in his true falseheaven colours from ultraviolent to subred8
tissues. That's his last tryon to march through the grand9
tryomphal arch. His reignbolt's shot. Never again ! How you do10
that like, Mista Chimepiece? You got nice yum plemyums. Pray-11
paid my promishles !12
    Agreed, Wu Welsher, he was chogfulled to beacsate on earn 13
as in hiving, of foxold conningnesses but who, hey honey, for14
all values of his latters, integer integerrimost, was the formast15
of the firm? At folkmood hailed, at part farwailed, accwmwladed16
concloud, Nuah-Nuah, Nebob of Nephilim! After all what fol-17
lowed for apprentice sake? Since the now nighs nearing as the18
yetst hies hin. Jeebies, ugh, kek, ptah, that was an ill man! Jaw-19
boose, puddigood, this is for true a sweetish mand! But Jum-20
bluffer, bagdad, sir, yond would be for a once over our all21
honoured christmastyde easteredman. Fourth position of solu-22
tion. How johnny! Finest view from horizon. Tableau final.23
Two me see. Male and female unmask we hem. Begum by gunne!24
Who now broothes oldbrawn. Dawn! The nape of his name-25
shielder's scalp. Halp! After having drummed all he dun. Hun!26
Worked out to an inch of his core. More! Ring down. While27
the queenbee he staggerhorned blesses her bliss for to feel her28
funnyman's functions Tag. Rumbling.29
    Tiers, tiers and tiers. Rounds. 30