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ing under hoods, made lasses like lads love maypoleriding and1
dotted our green with tricksome couples, fiftyfifty, their chil-2
tren's hundred. So childish pence took care of parents' pounds3
and many made money the way in the world where rushroads4
to riches crossed slums of lice and, the cause of it all, he forged5
himself ahead like a blazing urbanorb, brewing treble to drown6
grief, giving and taking mayom and tuam, playing milliards with7
his three golden balls, making party capital out of landed self-8
interest, light on a slavey but weighty on the bourse, our hugest9
commercial emporialist, with his sons booing home from afar10
and his daughters bridling up at his side. Finner!11
    How did he bank it up, swank it up, the whaler in the punt, 12
a guinea by a groat, his index on the balance and such wealth13
into the bargain, with the boguey which he snatched in the14
baggage coach ahead? Going forth on the prowl, master jackill,15
under night and creeping back, dog to hide, over morning.16
Humbly to fall and cheaply to rise, exposition of failures.17
Through Duffy's blunders and MacKenna's insurance for upper18
ten and lower five the band played on. As one generation tells19
another. Ofter the fall. First for a change of a seven days license20
he wandered out of his farmer's health and so lost his early21
parishlife. Then ('twas in fenland) occidentally of a sudden, six22
junelooking flamefaces straggled wild out of their turns through23
his parsonfired wicket, showing all shapes of striplings in sleepless24
tights. Promptly whomafter in undated times, very properly a25
dozen generations anterior to themselves, a main chanced to burst26
and misflooded his fortunes, wrothing foulplay over his fives'27
court and his fine poultryyard wherein were spared a just two of28
a feather in wading room only. Next, upon due reflotation, up29
started four hurrigan gales to smithereen his plateglass house-30
walls and the slate for accounts his keeper was cooking. Then31
came three boy buglehorners who counterbezzled and cross-32
bugled him. Later on in the same evening two hussites ab-33
sconded through a breach in his bylaws and left him, the infidels,34
to pay himself off in kind remembrances. Till, ultimatehim, fell35
the crowning barleystraw, when an explosium of his distilleries36