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own sweet boosy love, which he puts his feeler to me behind1
the beggar's bush, does Freda, don't you be an emugee! Carry-2
one, he says, though we marooned through this woylde. We3
must spy a half a hind on honeysuckler now his old face's4
hardalone wiv his defences down during his wappin stillstand,5
says my Fred, and Jamessime here which, pip it, she simply must,6
she says, our pet, she'll do a retroussy from her point of view7
(Way you fly! Like a frush!) to keep her flouncies off the8
grass while paying the wetmenots a musichall visit and pair her9
fiefighs fore him with just one curl after the cad came back which10
we fought he wars a gunner and his corkiness lay up two bottles11
of joy with a shandy had by Fred and a fino oloroso which he12
was warming to, my right, Jimmy, my old brown freer?      13
Whose dolour, O so mine!14
    Following idly up to seepoint, neath kingmount shadow the 15
ilk for eke of us, whose nathem's banned, whose hofd a-hooded,16
welkim warsail, how di' you dew? Hollymerry, ivysad, whicher17
and whoer, Mr Black Atkins and you tanapanny troopertwos,18
were you there? Was truce of snow, moonmounded snow? Or19
did wolken hang o'er earth in umber hue his fulmenbomb?20
Number two coming! Full inside! Was glimpsed the mean21
amount of cloud? Or did pitter rain fall in a sprinkling? If the22
waters could speak as they flow! Timgle Tom, pall the bell!23
Izzy's busy down the dell ! Mizpah low, youyou, number24
one, in deep humidity! Listen, misled peerless, please! You25
are of course. You miss him so, to listleto! Of course, my26
pledge between us, there's no-one Noel like him here to27
hear. Esch so eschess, douls a doulse! Since Allan Rogue28
loved Arrah Pogue it's all Killdoughall fair. Triss! Only trees29
such as these such were those, waving there, the barketree, the30
o'briertree, the rowantree, the o'corneltree, the behanshrub near31
windy arbour, the magill o'dendron more. Trem! All the trees32
in the wood they trembold, humbild, when they heard the stop-33
press from domday's erewold.34
    Tiss! Two pretty mistletots ribboned to a tree, up rose libe- 35
rator and, fancy, they were free! Four witty missywives, wink-36