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waker oats for him on livery. Faurore! Fearhoure! At last it1
past! Loab at cod then herrin or wind thin mong them treen.2
    Hiss! Which we had only our hazelight to see with, cert, in 3
our point of view, me and my auxy, Jimmy d'Arcy, hadn't we,4
Jimmy?       Who to seen with? Kiss! No kidd, captn, which he5
stood us, three jolly postboys, first a couple of Mountjoys and6
nutty woodbines with his cadbully's choculars, pepped from our7
Theoatre Regal's drolleries puntomine, in the snug at the Cam-8
bridge Arms of Teddy Ales while we was laying, crown jewels9
to a peanut, was he stepmarm, old noseheavy, or a wouldower,10
which he said, lads, a taking low his Whitby hat, lopping off the11
froth and whishing, with all respectfulness to the old country,12
tomorow comrades, we, his long life's strength and cuirscrween13
loan to our allhallowed king, the pitchur that he's turned to14
weld the wall, (Lawd lengthen him!) his standpoint was,15
to belt and blucher him afore the hole pleading churchal and16
submarine bar yonder but he made no class at all in port17
and cemented palships between our trucers, being a refugee,18
didn't he, Jimmy?       Who true to me? Sish! Honeysuckler,19
that's what my young lady here, Fred Watkins, bugler Fred, all20
the ways from Melmoth in Natal, she calls him, dip the colours,21
pet, when he commit his certain questions vivaviz the secret22
empire of the snake which it was on a point of our sutton down,23
how was it, Jimmy?       Who has sinnerettes to declare? Phiss!24
Touching our Phoenix Rangers' nuisance at the meeting of the25
waitresses, the daintylines, Elsies from Chelsies, the two leggle-26
gels in blooms, and those pest of parkies, twitch, thistle and27
charlock, were they for giving up their fogging trespasses28
by order which we foregathered he must be raw in cane29
sugar, the party, no, Jimmy MacCawthelock? Who trespass30
against me? Briss! That's him wiv his wig on, achewing of his31
maple gum, that's our grainpopaw, Mister Beardall, an accom-32
pliced burgomaster, a great one among the very greatest, which33
he told us privates out of his own scented mouf he used to was,34
my lads, afore this wineact come, what say, our Jimmy the35
chapelgoer?       Who fears all masters! Hi, Jocko Nowlong, my36