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quested that no cobsmoking, spitting, pubchat, wrastle rounds,1
coarse courting, smut, etc, will take place amongst those hours2
so devoted to repose. Look before behind before you strip you.3
Disrobe clothed in the strictest secrecy which privacy can afford.4
Water non to be discharged coram grate or ex window. Never5
divorce in the bedding the glove that will give you away. Maid6
Maud ninnies nay but blabs to Omama (for your life, would you!)7
she to her bosom friend who does all chores (and what do you8
think my Madeleine saw?): this ignorant mostly sweeps it out9
along with all the rather old corporators (have you heard of one10
humbledown jungleman how he bet byrn-and-bushe playing11
peg and pom?): the maudlin river then gets its dues (adding a12
din a ding or do): thence those laundresses (O, muddle me more13
about the maggies! I mean bawnee Madge Ellis and brownie14
Mag Dillon). Attention at all ! Every ditcher's dastard in Dupling15
will let us know about it if you have paid the mulctman by16
whether your rent is open to be foreclosed or aback in your17
arrears. This is seriously meant. Here is a homelet not a hothel.18
    That's right, old oldun! 19
    All in fact is soon as all of old right as anywas ever in very 20
old place. Were he, hwen scalded of that couverfowl, to beat the21
bounds by here at such a point of time as this is for at sammel22
up all wood's haypence and riviers argent (half back from three23
gangs multaplussed on a twentylot add allto a fiver with the24
deuce or roamer's numbers ell a fee and do little ones) with the25
caboosh on him opheld for thrushes' mistiles yet singing oud his26
parasangs in cornish token: mean fawthery eastend appullcelery,27
old laddy he high hole: pollysigh patrolman Seekersenn, towney's28
tanquam, crumlin quiet down from his hoonger, he would mac29
siccar of inket goodsforetombed ereshiningem of light turkling30
eitheranny of thuncle's windopes. More, unless we were neverso31
wrongtaken, if he brought his boots to pause in peace, the one32
beside the other one, right on the road, he would seize no sound33
from cache or cave beyond the flow of wand was gypsing water,34
telling him now, telling him all, all about ham and livery, stay35
and toast ham in livery, and buttermore with murmurladen, to36