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hear fond tiplady his weekreations, appearing in next eon's issue1
of the Neptune's Centinel and Tritonville Lightowler with well2
the widest circulation round the whole universe. Echolo choree3
choroh choree chorico! How me O my youhou my I youtou to4
I O? Thanks furthermore to modest Miss Glimglow and neat5
Master Mettresson who so kindly profiteered their serwishes as6
demysell of honour and, well, as strainbearer respectively.7
And a cordiallest brief nod of chinchin dankyshin to, well, patient8
ringasend as prevenient (by your leave), to all such occasions,9
detachably replaceable (thanks too! twos intact!). As well as10
his auricular of Malthus, the promethean paratonnerwetter which11
first (Pray go! pray go!) taught love's lightning the way (pity12
shown) to, well, conduct itself (mercy, good shot! only please13
don't mention it!). Come all ye goatfathers and groanmothers,14
come all ye markmakers and piledrivers, come all ye labour-15
saving devisers and chargeleyden dividends, firefinders, water-16
workers, deeply condeal with him! All that is still life with death17
inyeborn, all verbumsaps yet bound to be, to do and to suffer,18
every creature, everywhere, if you please, kindly feel for her!19
While the dapplegray dawn drags nearing nigh for to wake all20
droners that drowse in Dublin.21
    Humperfeldt and Anunska, wedded now evermore in annas- 22
tomoses by a ground plan of the placehunter, whiskered beau23
and donahbella. Totumvir and esquimeena, who so shall sepa-24
rate fetters to new desire, repeals an act of union to unite in25
bonds of schismacy. O yes! O yes! Withdraw your member!26
Closure. This chamber stands abjourned. Such precedent is27
largely a cause to lack of collective continencies among Don-28
nelly's orchard as lifelong the shadyside to Fairbrother's field.29
Humbo, lock your kekkle up! Anny, blow your wickle out!30
Tuck away the tablesheet! You never wet the tea! And you31
may go rightoway back to your Aunty Dilluvia, Humprey,32
after that!33
    Retire to rest without first misturbing your nighboor, man- 34
kind of baffling descriptions. Others are as tired of themselves35
as you are. Let each one learn to bore himself. It is strictly re-36