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bridges are blown to babbyrags, by the lee of his hulk upright1
on her orbits, and the heave of his juniper arx in action, he's2
naval I see. Poor little tartanelle, her dinties are chattering, the3
strait's she's in, the bulloge she bears! Her smirk is smeeching4
behind for her hills. By the queer quick twist of her mobcap and5
the lift of her shift at random and the rate of her gate of going6
the pace, two thinks at a time, her country I'm proud of. The7
field is down, the race is their own. The galleonman jovial on his8
bucky brown nightmare. Bigrob dignagging his lylyputtana.9
One to one bore one ! The datter, io, io, sleeps in peace, in peace.10
And the twillingsons, ganymede, garrymore, turn in trot and11
trot. But old pairamere goes it a gallop, a gallop. Bossford and12
phospherine. One to one on!13
    O, O, her fairy setalite! Casting such shadows to Persia's 14
blind! The man in the street can see the coming event. Photo-15
flashing it far too wide. It will be known through all Urania soon.16
Like jealousjoy titaning fear; like rumour rhean round the planets;17
like china's dragon snapping japets; like rhodagrey up the east.18
Satyrdaysboost besets Phoebe's nearest. Here's the flood and the19
flaxen flood that's to come over helpless Irryland. Is there no-one20
to malahide Liv and her bettyship? Or who'll buy her rosebuds,21
jettyblack rosebuds, ninsloes of nivia, nonpaps of nan? From the22
fall of the fig to doom's last post every ephemeral anniversary while23
the park's police peels peering by for to weight down morrals from24
county bubblin. That trainer's trundling! Quick, pay up!25
    Kickakick. She had to kick a laugh. At her old stick-in-the- 26
block. The way he was slogging his paunch about, elbiduubled,27
meet oft mate on, like hale King Willow, the robberer. Cain-28
maker's mace and waxened capapee. But the tarrant's brand on29
his hottoweyt brow. At half past quick in the morning. And her30
lamp was all askew and a trumbly wick-in-her, ringeysingey.31
She had to spofforth, she had to kicker, too thick of the wick32
of her pixy's loomph, wide lickering jessup the smooky shiminey.33
And her duffed coverpoint of a wickedy batter, whenever she34
druv behind her stumps for a tyddlesly wink through his tunnil-35
clefft bagslops after the rising bounder's yorkers, as he studd and36