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    Yet he begottom. 1
    Let us wherefore, tearing ages, presently preposterose a 2
snatchvote of thanksalot to the huskiest coaxing experimenter3
that ever gave his best hand into chancerisk, wishing him with4
his famblings no end of slow poison and a mighty broad venue5
for themselves between the devil's punchbowl and the deep6
angleseaboard, that they may gratefully turn a deaf ear clooshed7
upon the desperanto of willynully, their shareholders from Taaffe8
to Auliffe, that will curse them below par and mar with their9
descendants, shame, humbug and profit, to greenmould upon10
mildew over jaundice as long as ever there's wagtail surtaxed to11
a testcase on enver a man.12
    We have to had them whether we'll like it or not. They'll have 13
to have us now then we're here on theirspot. Scant hope theirs14
or ours to escape life's high carnage of semperidentity by sub-15
sisting peasemeal upon variables. Bloody certainly have we got16
to see to it ere smellful demise surprends us on this concrete that17
down the gullies of the eras we may catch ourselves looking18
forward to what will in no time be staring you larrikins on the19
postface in that multimirror megaron of returningties, whirled20
without end to end. So there was a raughty . . . who in Dyfflins-21
borg did . . . With his soddering iron, spadeaway, hammerlegs22
and . . . Where there was a fair young . . . Who was playing her23
game of . . . And said she you rockaby . . . Will you peddle in24
my bog . . . And he sod her in Iarland, paved her way from25
Maizenhead to Youghal. And that's how Humpfrey, champion26
emir, holds his own. Shysweet, she rests.27
    Or show pon him now, will you! Derg rudd face should take 28
patrick's purge. Hokoway, in his hiphigh bearserk! Third posi-29
tion of concord! Excellent view from front. Sidome. Female30
imperfectly masking male. Redspot his browbrand. Woman's31
the prey! Thon's the dullakeykongsbyogblagroggerswagginline32
(private judgers, change here for Lootherstown! Onlyromans,33
keep your seats!) that drew all ladies please to our great mettroll-34
ops. Leary, leary, twentytun nearly, he's plotting kings down35
for his villa's extension! Gaze at him now in momentum! As his36