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    Anyhow (the matter is a troublous and a peniloose) have they 1
not called him at many's their mock indignation meeting, veh-2
men's vengeance vective volleying, inwader and uitlander, the3
notables, crashing libels in their sullivan's mounted beards about4
him, their right renownsable patriarch? Heinz cans everywhere5
and the swanee her ainsell and Eyrewaker's family sock that they6
smuggled to life betune them, roaring (Big Reilly was the worst):7
free boose for the man from the nark, sure, he never was worth8
a cornerwall fark, and his banishee's bedpan she's a quareold bite9
of a tark: as they wendelled their zingaway wivewards from his10
find me cool's moist opulent vinery, highjacking through the11
nagginneck pass, as they hauled home with their hogsheads,12
axpoxtelating, and claiming cowled consollation, sursumcordial,13
from the bluefunkfires of the dipper and the martian's frost?14
    Use they not, our noesmall termtraders, to abhors offrom 15
him, the yet unregendered thunderslog, whose sbrogue cunneth16
none lordmade undersiding, how betwixt wifely rule and mens17
conscia recti, then hemale man all unbracing to omniwomen, but18
now shedropping his hitches like any maidavale oppersite orse-19
riders in an idinhole? Ah, dearo! Dearo, dear! And her illian!20
And his willyum! When they were all there now, matinmarked21
for lookin on. At the carryfour with awlus plawshus, their happy-22
ass cloudious! And then and too the trivials! And their bivouac!23
And his monomyth! Ah ho! Say no more about it! I'm sorry!24
I saw. I'm sorry! I'm sorry to say I saw!25
    Gives there not too amongst us after all events (or so grunts 26
a leading hebdromadary) some togethergush of stillandbutall-27
youknow that, insofarforth as, all up and down the whole con-28
creation say, efficient first gets there finally every time, as a com-29
plex matter of pure form, for those excess and that pasphault30
hardhearingness from their eldfar, in grippes and rumblions,31
through fresh taint and old treason, another like that alter but32
not quite such anander and stillandbut one not all the selfsame33
and butstillone just the maim and encore emmerhim may always,34
with a little difference, till the latest up to date so early in the35
morning, have evertheless been allmade amenable?36