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their own and wayleft the arenotts and ponted vodavalls for the1
zollgebordened and escaped from liquidation by the heirs of their2
death and were responsible for congested districts and rolled3
olled logs into Peter's sawyery and werfed new woodcuts on4
Paoli's wharf and ewesed Rachel's lea and rammed Dominic's5
gap and looked haggards after lazatables and rode fourscore odd-6
winters and struck rock oil and forced a policeman and col-7
laughsed at their phizes in Toobiassed and Zachary and left off8
leaving off and kept on keeping on and roused up drink and9
poured balm down and were cuffed by their customers and bit10
the dust at the foot of the poll when in her deergarth he gave up11
his goat after the battle of Multaferry. Pharoah with fairy, two12
lie, let them! Yet they wend it back, qual his leif, himmertality,13
bullseaboob and rivishy divil, light in hand, helm on high, to14
peekaboo durk the thicket of slumbwhere, till their hour with15
their scene be struck for ever and the book of the dates he close,16
he clasp and she and she seegn her tour d'adieu, Pervinca calling,17
Soloscar hears. (O Sheem! O Shaam!), and gentle Isad Ysut gag,18
flispering in the nightleaves flattery, dinsiduously, to Finnegan,19
to sin again and to make grim grandma grunt and grin again20
while the first grey streaks steal silvering by for to mock their21
quarrels in dollymount tumbling.22
    They near the base of the chill stair, that large incorporate 23
licensed vintner, such as he is, from former times, nine hosts in24
himself, in his hydrocomic establishment and his ambling limfy25
peepingpartner, the slave of the ring that worries the hand that26
sways the lamp that shadows the walk that bends to his bane the27
busynext man that came on the cop with the fenian's bark that28
pickled his widow that primed the pope that passed it round on29
the volunteers' plate till it croppied the ears of Purses Relle that30
kneed O'Connell up out of his doss that shouldered Burke that31
butted O'Hara that woke the busker that grattaned his crowd32
that bucked the jiggers to rhyme the rann that flooded the routes33
in Eryan's isles from Malin to Clear and Carnsore Point to Slyna-34
gollow and cleaned the pockets arid ransomed the ribs of all the35
listeners, leud and lay, that bought the ballad that Hosty made.36