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shipchild with the waif of his bosun, Dunmow's flitcher with1
duck-on-the-rock, down the scales, the way they went up,2
under talls and threading tormentors, shunning the startraps and3
slipping in sliders, risking a runway, ruing reveals, from Elder4
Arbor to La Puirée, eskipping the clockback, crystal in carbon,5
sweetheartedly. Hot and cold and electrickery with attendance6
and lounge and promenade free. In spite of all that science could7
boot or art could eke. Bolt the grinden. Cave and can em.8
Single wrecks for the weak, double axe for the mail, and quick9
queck quack for the radiose. Renove that bible. You will never10
have post in your pocket unless you have brasse on your plate.11
Beggards outdoor. Goat to the Endth, thou slowguard! Mind12
the Monks and their Grasps. Scrape your souls. Commit no13
miracles. Postpone no bills. Respect the uniform. Hold the raa-14
bers for the kunning his plethoron. Let leash the dooves to the15
cooin her coynth. Hatenot havenots. Share the wealth and spoil16
the weal. Peg the pound to tom the devil. My time is on draught.17
Bottle your own. Love my label like myself. Earn before eating.18
Drudge after drink. Credit tomorrow. Follow my dealing. Fetch19
my price. Buy not from dives. Sell not to freund. Herenow chuck20
english and learn to pray plain. Lean on your lunch. No cods21
before Me. Practise preaching. Think in your stomach. Import22
through the nose. By faith alone. Season's weather. Gomorrha.23
Salong. Lots feed from my tidetable. Oil's wells in our lands. Let24
earwigger's wivable teach you the dance!25
    Now their laws assist them and ease their fall ! 26
    For they met and mated and bedded and buckled and got and 27
gave and reared and raised and brought Thawland within Har28
danger, and turned them, tarrying to the sea and planted and29
plundered and pawned our souls and pillaged the pounds of the30
extramurals and fought and feigned with strained relations and31
bequeathed us their ills and recrutched cripples gait and under-32
mined lungachers, manplanting seven sisters while wan warm-33
wooed woman scrubbs, and turned out coats and removed their34
origins and never learned the first day's lesson and tried to35
mingle and managed to save and feathered foes' nests and fouled36