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wind on the road outside for to wake all shivering shanks from1
    But. Oom Godd his villen, who will he be, this mitryman, some 3
king of the yeast, in his chrismy greyed brunzewig, with the snow4
in his mouth and the caspian asthma, so bulk of build? Relics of5
pharrer and livite! Dik Gill, Tum Lung or Macfinnan's cool6
Harryng? He has only his hedcosycasket on and his wollsey7
shirtplisse with peascod doublet, also his feet wear doubled width8
socks for he always must to insure warm sleep between a pair of9
fullyfleeced bankers like a finnoc in a cauwl. Can thus be Misthra10
Norkmann that keeps our hotel? Begor, Mr O'Sorgmann, you're11
looking right well ! Hecklar's champion ethnicist. How deft as a12
fuchser schouws daft as a fish! He's the dibble's own doges for13
doublin existents! But a jolly fine daysent form of one word.14
He's rounding up on his family.15
    And who is the bodikin by him, sir? So voulzievalsshie? With 16
ybbs and zabs? Her trixiestrail is tripping her, vop! Luck at the17
way for the lucre of smoke she's looping the lamp! Why, that's18
old missness wipethemdry! Well, well, wellsowells! Donau-19
watter! Ardechious me! With her halfbend as proud as a peahen,20
allabalmy, and her troutbeck quiverlipe, ninyananya. And her21
steptojazyma's culunder buzztle. Happy tea area, naughtygay22
frew! Selling sunlit sopes to washtout winches and rhaincold23
draughts to the props of his pubs. She tired lipping the swells at24
Pont Delisle till she jumped the boom at Brounemouth. Now25
she's borrid his head under Hatesbury's Hatch and loamed his26
fate to old Love Lane. And she's just the same old haporth of27
dripping. She's even brennt her hair.28
    Which route are they going? Why? Angell sitter or Amen 29
Corner, Norwood's Southwalk or Euston Waste? The solvent30
man in his upper gambeson withnot a breth against him and the31
wee wiping womanahoussy. They're coming terug their dia-32
mond wedding tour, giant's inchly elfkin's ell, vesting their char-33
acters vixendevolment, andens aller, athors err, our first day man34
and your dresser and mine, that Luxuumburgher evec cettehis35
Alzette, konyglik shire with his queensh countess, Stepney's36