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mandragon mor and weak wiffeyducky, Morionmale and Thry-1
dacianmad, basilisk glorious with his weeniequeenie, tigernack2
and swansgrace, he as hale as his ardouries, she as verve as her3
veines; this prime white arsenic with bissemate alloyed, martial4
sin with peccadilly, free to lease hold with first mortgage, dow-5
ser dour and dipper douce, stop-that-war and feel-this-feather,6
norsebloodheartened and landsmoolwashable, great gas with7
fun-in-the-corner, grand slam with fall-of-the-trick, solomn one8
and shebby, cod and coney, cash and carry, in all we dreamed9
the part we dreaded, corsair coupled with his dame, royal biber10
but constant lymph, boniface and bonnyfeatures, nazil hose and11
river mouth, bang-the-change and batter-the-bolster, big smoke12
and lickley roesthy, humanity's fahrman by society leader, voguener13
and trulley, humpered and elf, Urloughmoor with Miryburrow,14
leaks and awfully, basal curse yet grace abunda, Regies Producer15
with screendoll Vedette, peg of his claim and pride of her heart,16
cliffscaur grisly but rockdove cooing, hodinstag on fryggabet,17
baron and feme: that he may dishcover her, that she may uncouple18
him, that one may come and crumple them, that they may soon19
recoup themselves: now and then, time on time again, as per20
periodicity; from Neaves to Willses, from Bushmills to Enos; to21
Goerz from Harleem, to Hearths of Oak from Skittish Widdas;22
via mala, hyber pass, heckhisway per alptrack: through lands-23
vague and vain, after many mandelays: in their first case, to the24
next place, till their cozenkerries: the high and the by, both pent25
and plain: cross cowslips yillow, yellow, yallow, past pumpkins26
pinguind, purplesome: be they whacked to the wide other tied27
to hustings, long sizzleroads neath arthruseat, him to the derby,28
her to toun, til sengentide do coddlam: in the grounds or unter-29
linnen: rue to lose and ca canny: at shipside, by convent garden:30
monk and sempstress, in sackcloth silkily: curious dreamers,31
curious dramas, curious deman, plagiast dayman, playajest32
dearest, plaguiest dourest: for the strangfort planters are pro-33
desting, and the karkery felons dryflooring it and the leperties'34
laddos railing the way, blump for slogo slee!35
    Stop! Did a stir? No, is fast. On to bed! So he is. It's only the 36