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scabie handed down to the jury of the Liffey that, as a matter of1
tact, the woman they gave as free was born into contractual in-2
capacity (the Calif of Man v the Eaudelusk Company) when, how3
and where mamy's mancipium act did not apply and therefore held4
supremely that, as no property in law can exist in a corpse,5
(Hal Kilbride v Una Bellina) Pepigi's pact was pure piffle (loud6
laughter) and Wharrem would whistle for the rhino. Will you,7
won't you, pango with Pepigi? Not for Nancy, how dare you do !8
And whew whewwhew whew.9
          He sighed in sleep. 10
          Let us go back. 11
          Lest he forewaken. 12
          Hide ourselves. 13
    While hovering dreamwings, folding around, will hide from 14
fears my wee mee mannikin, keep my big wig long strong mano-15
men, guard my bairn, mon beau.16
          To bed. 17
    Prospector projector and boomooster giant builder of all 18
causeways woesoever, hopping offpoint and true terminus of19
straxstraightcuts and corkscrewn perambulaups, zeal whence to20
goal whither, wonderlust, in sequence to which every muckle21
must make its mickle, as different as York from Leeds, being the22
only wise in a muck's world to look on itself from beforehand;23
mirrorminded curiositease and would-to-the-large which bring24
hills to molehunter, home through first husband, perils behind25
swine and horsepower down to hungerford, prick this man and26
tittup this woman, our forced payrents, Bogy Bobow with his27
cunnyngnest couchmare, Big Maester Finnykin with Phenicia28
Parkes, lame of his ear and gape of her leg, most correctingly,29
we beseach of you, down their laddercase of nightwatch service30
and bring them at suntime flush with the nethermost gangrung31
of their stepchildren, guide them through the labyrinth of their32
samilikes and the alteregoases of their pseudoselves, hedge them33
bothways from all roamers whose names are ligious, from loss34
of bearings deliver them; so they keep to their rights and be35
ware of duty frees, neoliffic smith and magdalenian jinnyjones,36