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ancient moratorium, dating back to the times of the early barters,1
and only the junior partner Barren could be found, who entered an2
appearance and turned up, upon a notice of motion and after service3
of the motion by interlocutory injunction, among the male jurors4
to be an absolete turfwoman, originally from the proletarian class,5
with still a good title to her sexname of Ann Doyle, 2 Coppinger's6
Cottages, the Doyle's country. Doyle (Ann), add woman in,7
having regretfully left the juryboxers, protested cheerfully on the8
stand in a long jurymiad in re corset checks, delivered in doy-9
lish, that she had often, in supply to brusk demands rising almost10
to bollion point, discounted Mr Brakeforth's first of all in ex-11
change at nine months from date without issue and, to be strictly12
literal, unbottled in corrubberation a current account of how13
she had been made at sight for services rendered the payee-14
drawee of unwashable blank assignations, sometimes pinkwilliams15
(laughter) but more often of the crème-de-citron, vair émail paon-16
coque or marshmallow series, which she, as bearer, used to en-17
dorse, adhesively, to her various payers-drawers who in most cases18
were identified by the timber papers as wellknown tetigists of the19
city and suburban. The witness, at her own request, asked if she20
might and wrought something between the sheets of music paper21
which she had accompanied herself with for the occasion and22
this having been handed up for the bench to look at in camera,23
Coppinger's doll, as she was called, (annias, Mack Erse's Dar,24
the adopted child) then proposed to jerrykin and jureens and every25
jim, jock and jarry in that little green courtinghousie for her satis-26
faction and as a whole act of settlement to reamalgamate herself,27
tomorrow perforce, in pardonership with the permanent suing fond28
trustee, Monsignore Pepigi, under the new style of Will Break-29
fast and Sparrem, as, when all his cognisances had been estreated,30
he seemed to proffer the steadiest interest towards her, but this31
prepoposal was ruled out on appeal by Judge Jeremy Doyler, who,32
reserving judgment in a matter of courts and reversing the find-33
ings of the lower correctional, found, beyond doubt of treuson,34
fending the dissassents of the pickpackpanel, twelve as upright35
judaces as ever let down their thoms, and, occupante extremum36