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the wood industries in our courts of litigation. D'Oyly Owens1
holds (though Finn Magnusson of himself holds also) that so2
long as there is a joint deposit account in the two names a3
mutual obligation is posited. Owens cites Brerfuchs and Warren,4
a foreign firm, since disseized, registered as Tangos, Limited,5
for the sale of certain proprietary articles. The action which was6
at the instance of the trustee of the heathen church emergency7
fund, suing by its trustee, a resigned civil servant, for the pay-8
ment of tithes due was heard by Judge Doyle and also by a com-9
mon jury. No question arose as to the debt for which vouchers10
spoke volumes. The defence alleged that payment had been made11
effective. The fund trustee, one Jucundus Fecundus Xero Pecun-12
dus Coppercheap, counterclaimed that payment was invalid13
having been tendered to creditor under cover of a crossed cheque,14
signed in the ordinary course, in the name of Wieldhelm, Hurls15
Cross, voucher copy provided, and drawn by the senior partner16
only by whom the lodgment of the species had been effected but17
in their joint names. The bank particularised, the national misery18
(now almost entirely in the hands of the four chief bondholders19
for value in Tangos), declined to pay the draft, though there20
were ample reserves to meet the liability, whereupon the trusty21
Coppercheap negociated it for and on behalf of the fund of the22
thing to a client of his, a notary, from whom, on consideration, he23
received in exchange legal relief as between trusthee and bethrust,24
with thanks. Since then the cheque, a good washable pink, em-25
bossed D you D No 11 hundred and thirty 2, good for the figure26
and face, had been circulating in the country for over thirtynine27
years among holders of Pango stock, a rival concern, though not28
one demonetised farthing had ever spun or fluctuated across the29
counter in the semblance of hard coin or liquid cash. The jury (a30
sour dozen of stout fellows all of whom were curiously named31
after doyles) naturally disagreed jointly and severally, and the32
belligerent judge, disagreeing with the allied jurors' disagree-33
ment, went outside his jurisfiction altogether and ordered a gar-34
nishee attachment to the neutral firm. No mandamus could lo-35
cate the depleted whilom Breyfawkes as he had entered into an36