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Marinuzza, Indra and Iodina, has been tenderly debauched1
(in Halliday's view), by Honuphrius, and Magravius knows2
from spies that Anita has formerly committed double sacrilege3
with Michael, vulgo Cerularius, a perpetual curate, who wishes4
to seduce Eugenius. Magravius threatens to have Anita molested5
by Sulla, an orthodox savage (and leader of a band of twelve6
mercenaries, the Sullivani), who desires to procure Felicia for7
Gregorius, Leo, Vitellius and Macdugalius, four excavators, if8
she will not yield to him and also deceive Honuphrius by ren-9
dering conjugal duty when demanded. Anita who claims to have10
discovered incestuous temptations from Jeremias and Eugenius11
would yield to the lewdness of Honuphrius to appease the12
savagery of Sulla and the mercernariness of the twelve Sullivani,13
and (as Gilbert at first suggested), to save the virginity of14
Felicia for Magravius when converted by Michael after the15
death of Gillia, but she fears that, by allowing his marital rights16
she may cause reprehensible conduct between Eugenius and17
Jeremias. Michael, who has formerly debauched Anita, dispen-18
ses her from yielding to Honuphrius who pretends publicly to19
possess his conjunct in thirtynine several manners (turpiter!20
affirm ex cathedris Gerontes Cambronses) for carnal hygiene21
whenever he has rendered himself impotent to consummate by22
subdolence. Anita is disturbed but Michael comminates that23
he will reserve her case tomorrow for the ordinary Guglielmus24
even if she should practise a pious fraud during affrication25
which, from experience, she knows (according to Wadding),26
to be leading to nullity. Fortissa, however, is encouraged by27
Gregorius, Leo, Viteilius, and Magdugalius, reunitedly, to warn28
Anita by describing the strong chastisements of Honuphrius29
and the depravities (turpissimas!) of Canicula, the deceased wife30
of Mauritius, with Sulla, the simoniac, who is abnegand and31
repents. Has he hegemony and shall she submit?32
    Translate a lax, you breed a bradaun. In the goods of Cape and 33
Chattertone, deceased.34
    This, lay readers and gentilemen, is perhaps the commonest 35
of all cases arising out of umbrella history in connection with36