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nute ! These brilling waveleaplights! Please say me how sing you1
them. Seekhem seckhem! They arise from a clear springwell in2
the near of our park which makes the daft to hear all blend. This3
place of endearment! How it is clear! And how they cast their4
spells upon, the fronds that thereup float, the bookstaff branch-5
ings! The druggeted stems, the leaves incut on trees! Do you6
can their tantrist spellings? I can lese, skillmistress aiding. Elm,7
bay, this way, cull dare, take a message, tawny runes ilex sallow,8
meet me at the pine. Yes, they shall have brought us to the water9
trysting, by hedjes of maiden ferm. then here in another place is10
their chapelofeases, sold for song, of which you have thought11
my praise too much my price. O ma ma! Yes, sad one of Ziod?12
Sell me, my soul dear! Ah, my sorrowful, his cloister dreeping13
of his monkshood, how it is triste to death, all his dark ivytod!14
Where cold in dearth. Yet see, my blanching kissabelle, in the15
under close she is allso gay, her kirtles green, her curtsies white,16
her peony pears, her nistlingsloes! I, pipette, I must also quick-17
lingly to tryst myself softly into this littleeasechapel. I would18
rather than Ireland! But I pray, make! Do your easiness! O,19
peace, this is heaven! O, Mr Prince of Pouringtoher, whatever20
shall I pppease to do? Why do you so lifesighs, my precious, as21
I hear from you, with limmenings lemantitions, after that swollen22
one? I am not sighing, I assure, but only I am soso sorry about23
all in my saarasplace. Listen, listen ! I am doing it. Hear more to24
those voices! Always I am hearing them. Horsehem coughs25
enough. Annshee lispes privily.26
          He is quieter now. 27
          Legalentitled. Accesstopartnuzz. Notwildebeestsch. By- 28
rightofoaptz. Twainbeonerflsh. Haveandholdpp.29
          S! Let us go. Make a noise. Slee . . . 30
          Qui . . . The gir . . . 31
          Huesofrichunfoldingmorn. Wakenupriseandprove. Pro- 32
          Wait! Hist! Let us list! 34
    For our netherworld's bosomfoes are working tooth and nail 35
overtime: in earthveins, toadcavites, chessganglions, saltkles-36