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that may it! Carilloners will ring their gluckspeels. Rng rng!4
Rng rng ! S. Presbutt-in-the-North, S. Mark Underloop,5
S. Lorenz-by-the-Toolechest, S. Nicholas Myre. You shall6
hark to anune S. Gardener, S. George-le-Greek, S. Barclay7
Moitered, S. Phibb, Iona-in-the-Fields with Paull-the-Aposteln.8
And audialterand: S. Jude-at-Gate, Bruno Friars, S. Weslen-9
on-the-Row, S. Molyneux Without, S. Mary Stillamaries with10
Bride-and-Audeons-behind-Wardborg. How chimant in effect!11
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pray own's prayers. 'Tis holyyear's day! Juin jully we may!13
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borough-the-Less, Greatchrist and Holy Protector shall have15
open virgilances. Beata Basilica! But will be not pontifi-16
cation? Dock, dock, agame! Primatially. At wateredge. Can-17
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umbrilla-parasoul, Monsigneur of Deublan shall impart to all.20
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this bittern, frust me this chicken, display yon crane, thigh her22
her pigeon, unlace allay rabbit and pheasant! Sing: Old Finncoole,23
he's a mellow old saoul when he swills with his fuddlers free!24
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bottle can deny! Here be trouts culponed for ye and salmons26
chined and sturgeons tranched, sanced capons, lobsters barbed.27
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Ithalians? How, not one Moll Pamelas? Accordingly! Play actors29
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produce of themselves, as they're two genitalmen of Veruno,31
Senior Nowno and Senior Brolano (finaly! finaly!), all for love of32
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bouchicaulture ! What tyronte power! Buy our fays ! My name is35
novel and on the Granby in hills. Bravose! Thou traitor slave!36