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Mauser Misma shall cease to stretch her and come abroad for what1
the blinkins is to be seen. A ruber, a rancher, a fullvide, a veri-2
dust and as crerdulous behind as he was before behind a damson3
of a sloe cooch. Mbv! The annamation of evabusies, the livlia-4
ness of her laughings, such as a plurity of bells! Have peacience,5
pray you! Place to dames! Even the Lady Victoria Landauner6
will leave to loll and parasol, all giddied into gushgasps with her7
dickey standing. Britus and Gothius shall no more joustle for8
that sonneplace but mark one autonement when, with si so silent,9
Cloudia Aiduolcis, good and dewed up, shall let fall, yes, no, yet,10
now, a rain. Muchsias grapcias! It is how sweet from her, the11
wispful, and they are soon seen swopsib so a sautril as a meise.12
Its ist not the tear on this movent sped. Tix sixponce! Poum!13
Hool poll the bull? Fool pay the bill. Becups a can full. Peal, pull14
the bell ! Still sayeme of ceremonies, much much more ! So please-15
your ! It stands in Instopressible how Meynhir Mayour, our16
boorgomaister, thon staunch Thorsman, (our Nancy's fancy, our17
own Nanny's Big Billy), his hod hoisted, in best bib and tucker,18
with Woolington bottes over buckram babbishkis and his clouded19
cane and necknoose aureal, surrounded of his full cooperation20
with fixed baronets and meng our pueblos, restrained by chain of21
hands from pinchgut, hoghill, darklane, gibbetmeade and beaux22
and laddes and bumbellye, shall receive Dom King at broadstone23
barrow meet a keys of goodmorrow on to his pompey cushion.24
Me amble dooty to your grace's majers! Arise, sir Pompkey25
Dompkey! Ear! Ear! Weakear! An allness eversides! We but26
miss that horse elder yet cherchant of the wise graveleek in27
cabbuchin garden. That his be foison, old Caubeenhauben !28
'Twill be tropic of all days. By the splendour of Sole! Perfect29
weatherest prevailing. Thisafter, swift's mightmace deposing, he30
shall aidress to His Serenemost by a speechreading from his31
miniated vellum, alfi byrni gamman dealter etcera zezera eacla32
treacla youghta kaptor lomdom noo, who meaningwhile that33
illuminatured one, Papyroy of Pepinregn, my Sire, great, big King,34
(his scaffold is there set up, as to edify, by Rex Ingram, pageant-35
master) will be poking out with his canule into the arras of36