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leary obelisk via the rock vhat myles knox furlongs; to the1
general's postoffice howsands of patience; to the Wellington2
memorial half a league wrongwards; to Sara's bridge good hun-3
ter and nine to meet her: to the point, one yeoman's yard. He, he,4
he ! At that do you leer, a setting up? With a such unfettered belly?5
Two cascades? I leer (O my big, O my bog, O my bigbagbone!)6
because I must see a buntingcap of so a pinky on the point. It is7
for a true glover's greetings and many burgesses by us, greats8
and grosses, uses to pink it in this way at tet-at-tet. For long has9
it been effigy of standard royal when broken on roofstaff which10
to the gunnings shall cast welcome from Courtmilits' Fortress,11
umptydum dumptydum. Bemark you these hangovers, those12
streamer fields, his influx. Do you not have heard that, the queen13
lying abroad from fury of the gales, (meekname mocktitles her14
Nan Nan Nanetta) her liege of lateenth dignisties shall come on15
their bay tomorrow, Michalsmas, mellems the third and fourth of16
the clock, there to all the king's aussies and all their king's men,17
knechts tramplers and cavalcaders, led of herald graycloak, Ulaf18
Goldarskield? Dog! Dog! Her lofts will be loosed for her and19
their tumblers broodcast. A progress shall be made in walk, ney? I20
trow it well, and uge by uge. He shall come, sidesmen accostant, by21
aryan jubilarian and on brigadier-general Nolan or and buccaneer-22
admiral Browne, with       who can doubt it?       his golden beagles23
and his white elkox terriers for a hunting on our littlego illcome24
faxes. In blue and buff of Beaufort the hunt shall make. It is25
poblesse noblige. Ommes will grin through collars when each26
riders other's ass. Me Eccls! What cats' killings overall! What27
popping out of guillotened widows! Quick time! Beware of28
waiting! Squintina plies favours on us from her rushfrail and29
Zosimus, the crowder, in his surcoat, sues us with souftwister.30
Apart we ! Here are gantlets. I believe, by Plentifolks Mixymost!31
Yet if I durst to express the hope how I might be able to be pre-32
sent. All these peeplers entrammed and detrained on bikeygels33
and troykakyls and those puny farting little solitires! Tollacre,34
tollacre! Polo north will beseem Sibernian and Plein Pelouta will35
behowl ne yerking at lawncastrum ne ghimbelling on guelflinks.36