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blank! For it's race pound race the hosties rear all roads to ruin1
and layers by lifetimes laid down riches from poormen. Cried2
unions to chip, saltpetre to strew, gallpitch to drink, stonebread3
to break but it's bully to gulp good blueberry pudding. Doze4
in your warmth ! While the elves in the moonbeams, feeling why,5
will keep my lilygem gently gleaming.6
    In the sleepingchambers. The court to go into half morning. 7
The four seneschals with their palfrey to be there now, all8
balaaming in their sellaboutes and sharping up their penisills. The9
boufeither Soakersoon at holdup tent sticker. The swabsister10
Katya to have duntalking and to keep shakenin dowan her drogh-11
edars. Those twelve chief barons to stand by duedesmally with12
their folded arums and put down all excursions and false alarums13
and after that to go back now to their runameat farums and re-14
compile their magnum chartarums with the width of the road15
between them and all harrums. The maidbrides all, in favours16
gay, to strew sleety cinders on their falling hair and for wouldbe17
joybells to ring sadly ringless hands. The dame dowager to stay18
kneeled how she is, as first mutherer with cord in coil. The two19
princes of the tower royal, daulphin and deevlin, to lie how they20
are without to see. The dame dowager's duffgerent to present21
wappon, blade drawn to the full and about wheel without to be22
seen of them. The infant Isabella from her coign to do obeisance23
toward the duffgerent, as first futherer with drawn brand. Then24
the court to come in to full morning. Herein see ye fail not!25
          Vidu, porkego! Ili vi rigardas. Returnu, porkego. Maldeli- 26
    Gauze off heaven! Vision. Then. O, pluxty suddly, the sight 28
entrancing! Hummels! That crag! Those hullocks! O Sire! So be29
accident occur is not going to commence! What have you there-30
fore? Fear you the donkers? Of roovers? I fear lest we have lost31
ours (non grant it!) respecting these wildy parts. How is hit finis-32
ter! How shagsome all and beastful! What do you show on? I33
show because I must see before my misfortune so a stark pointing34
pole. Lord of ladders, what for lungitube! Can you read the verst35
legend hereon? I am hather of the missed. Areed! To the dun-36