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the pederestians, do not fail to point to yourself a depression1
called Holl Hollow. It is often quite guttergloomering in our2
duol and gives wankyrious thoughts to the head but the banders3
of the pentapolitan poleetsfurcers bassoons into it on windy4
woodensdays their wellbooming wolvertones. Ulvos! Ulvos!5
    Whervolk dorst ttou begin to tremble by our moving pictures 6
at this moment when I am to place my hand of our true friend-7
shapes upon thee knee to mark well what I say? Throu shayest8
who? In Amsterdam there lived a . . . But how? You are trem-9
blotting, you retchad, like a verry jerry! Niet? Will you a gui-10
neeser? Gaij beutel of staub? To feel, you? Yes, how it trembles,11
the timid! Vortigern, ah Gortigern! Overlord of Mercia! Or12
doth brainskin flinchgreef? Stemming! What boyazhness! Sole13
shadow shows. Tis jest jibberweek's joke. It must have stole. O,14
keve silence, both! Putshameyu! I have heard her voice some-15
where else's before me in these ears still that now are for mine.16
    Let op. Slew musies. Thunner in the eire. 17
    You were dreamend, dear. The pawdrag? The fawthrig? 18
Shoe! Hear are no phanthares in the room at all, avikkeen. No19
bad bold faathern, dear one. Opop opop capallo, muy malinchily20
malchick! Gothgorod father godown followay tomollow the21
lucky load to Lublin for make his thoroughbass grossman's big-22
ness. Take that two piece big slap slap bold honty bottomsside23
pap pap pappa.24
          Li ne dormis? 25
          S! Malbone dormas. 26
          Kia li krias nikte? 27
          Parolas infanetes. S! 28
    Sonly all in your imagination, dim. Poor little brittle magic 29
nation, dim of mind! Shoe to me now, dear! Shoom of me! While30
elvery stream winds seling on for to keep this barrel of bounty31
rolling and the nightmail afarfrom morning nears.32
    When you're coaching through Lucalised, on the sulphur spa 33
to visit, it's safer to hit than miss it, stop at his inn! The hammers34
are telling the cobbles, the pickts are hacking the saxums, it's35
snugger to burrow abed than ballet on broadway. Tuck in your36