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    Hush! The other, twined on codliverside, has been crying in 1
his sleep, making sharpshape his inscissors on some first choice2
sweets fished out of the muck. A stake in our mead. What a3
teething wretch! How his book of craven images! Here are post-4
humious tears on his intimelle. And he has pipettishly bespilled5
himself from his foundingpen as illspent from inkinghorn. He is6
jem job joy pip poo pat (jot um for a sobrat!) Jerry Jehu. You will7
know him by name in the capers but you cannot see whose heel he8
sheepfolds in his wrought hand because I have not told it to you.9
O, foetal sleep! Ah, fatal slip! the one loved, the other left, the10
bride of pride leased to the stranger! He will be quite within the pale11
when with lordbeeron brow he vows him so tosset to be of the sir12
Blake tribes bleak while through life's unblest he rodes backs of13
bannars. Are you not somewhat bulgar with your bowels?14
Whatever do you mean with bleak? With pale blake I write tint-15
ingface. O, you do? And with steelwhite and blackmail I ha'scint16
for my sweet an anemone's letter with a gold of my bridest hair17
betied. Donatus his mark, address as follows. So you did? From18
the Cat and Cage. O, I see and see! In the ink of his sweat19
he will find it yet. What Gipsy Devereux vowed to Lylian and20
why the elm and how the stone. You never may know in the21
preterite all perhaps that you would not believe that you ever22
even saw to be about to. Perhaps. But they are two very blizky23
little portereens after their bredscrums, Jerkoff and Eatsup, as24
for my part opinion indeed. They would be born so, costarred,25
puck and prig, the maryboy at Donnybrook Fair, the godolphing-26
lad in the Hoy's Court. How frilled one shall be as at taledold of27
Formio and Cigalette! What folly innocents! Theirs whet pep of28
puppyhood! Both barmhearts shall become yeastcake by their29
brackfest. I will to leave a my copperwise blessing between the30
pair of them, for rosengorge, for greenafang. Blech and tin soldies,31
weals in a sniffbox. Som's wholed, all's parted. Weeping shouldst32
not thou be when man falls but that divine scheming ever adoring33
be. So you be either man or mouse and you be neither fish nor34
flesh. Take. And take. Vellicate nyche! Be ones as wes for gives for35
gives now the hour of passings sembles quick with quelled. Adieu,36
soft adieu, for these nice presents, kerryjevin. Still tosorrow!37