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playfilly when she is sitting downy on the ploshmat. O, she1
talks, does she? Marry, how? Rosepetalletted sounds. Ah Biddles2
es ma plikplak. Ah plikplak wed ma Biddles. A nice jezebel bary-3
tinette she will gift but I much prefer her missnomer in maidenly4
golden lasslike gladsome wenchful flowery girlish beautycapes.5
So do I, much. Dulce delicatissima! Doth Dolly weeps she is6
hastings. Will Dally bumpsetty it is tubtime. Allaliefest, she who7
pities very pebbles, dare we not wish on her our thrice onsk?8
A lovely fear! That she seventip toe her chrysming, that she spin9
blue to scarlad till her temple's veil, that the Mount of Whoam it10
open it her to shelterer! She will blow ever so much more pro-11
misefuller, blee me, than all the other common marygales that12
romp round brigidschool, charming Carry Whambers or saucy13
Susy Maucepan of Merry Anna Patchbox or silly Polly Flinders.14
Platsch! A plikaplak.15
    And since we are talking amnessly of brukasloop crazedledaze, 16
who doez in sleeproom number twobis? The twobirds. Holy17
policeman, O, I see! Of what age are your birdies? They are to18
come of twinning age so soon as they may be born to be elder-19
ing like those olders while they are living under chairs. They are20
and they seem to be so tightly tattached as two maggots to touch21
other, I think I notice, do I not? You do. Our bright bull babe22
Frank Kevin is on heartsleeveside. Do not you waken him ! Our23
farheard bode. He is happily to sleep, limb of the Lord, with his24
lifted in blessing, his buchel Iosa, like the blissed angel he looks so25
like and his mou is semiope as though he were blowdelling on a26
bugigle. Whene'er I see those smiles in eyes 'tis Father Quinn27
again. Very shortly he will smell sweetly when he will hear a weird28
to wean. By gorgeous, that boy will blare some knight when he will29
take his dane's pledges and quit our ingletears, spite of undesirable30
parents, to wend him to Amorica to quest a cashy job. That keen31
dean with his veen nonsolance! O, I adore the profeen music!32
Dollarmighty! He is too audorable really, eunique! I guess to33
have seen somekid like him in the story book, guess I met some-34
where somelam to whom he will be becoming liker. But hush!35
How unpardonable of me! I beg for your venials, sincerely I do.36