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   To reachy a skeer do! Still hoyhra, till venstra! Here are two1
rooms on the upstairs, at forkflank and at knifekanter. Whom in2
the wood are they for? Why, for little Porter babes, to be saved!3
The coeds, boytom thwackers and timbuy teaser. Here is one-4
thing you owed two noe. This one once upon awhile was the5
other but this is the other one nighadays. Ah so? The Corsicos?6
They are numerable. Guest them. Major bed, minor bickhive.7
Halosobuth, sov us! Who sleeps in now number one, for ex-8
ample? A pussy, purr esimple. Cunina, Statulina and Edulia,9
but how sweet of her! Has your pussy a pessname? Yes, indeed,10
you will hear it passim in all the noveletta and she is named11
Buttercup. Her bare name will tellt it, a monitress. How very12
sweet of her and what an excessively lovecharming missyname13
to forsake, now that I come to drink of it filtred, a gracecup14
fulled of bitterness. She is dadad's lottiest daughterpearl and15
brooder's cissiest auntybride. Her shellback thimblecasket mirror16
only can show her dearest friendeen. To speak well her grace17
it would ask of Grecian language, of her goodness, that legend18
golden. Biryina Saindua! Loreas with lillias flocaflake arrosas!19
Here's newyearspray, the posquiflor, a windaborne and helio-20
trope; there miriamsweet and amaranth and marygold to crown.21
Add lightest knot unto tiptition. O Charis! O Charissima!22
A more intriguant bambolina could one not colour up out23
of Boccuccia's Enameron. Would one but to do apart a lilybit her24
virginelles and, so, to breath, so, therebetween, behold, she had25
instantt with her handmade as to graps the myth inmid the air.26
Mother of moth ! I will to show herword in flesh. Approach not for27
ghost sake! Itis dormition! She may think, what though little doth28
she realise, as morning fresheth, it hath happened her, you know29
what, as they too what two dare not utter. Silvoo plush, if scolded30
she draws a face. Petticoat's asleep but in the gentlenest of her31
thoughts apoo is a nursepin. To be presented, Babs for Bim-32
bushi? Of courts and with enticers. Up, girls, and at him! Alone?33
Alone what? I mean, our strifestirrer, does she do fleurty winkies34
with herself Pussy is never alone, as records her chambrette, for35
she can always look at Biddles and talk petnames with her little36