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after to queen's lead. Promiscuous Omebound to Fiammelle la1
Diva. Huff! His move. Blackout.2
    Circus. Corridor. 3
    Shifting scene. Wall flats: sink and fly. Spotlight working wall 4
cloths. Spill playing rake and bridges. Room to sink: stairs to5
sink behind room. Two pieces. Haying after queue. Replay.6
    The old humburgh looks a thing incomplete so. It is so. On its 7
dead. But it will pawn up a fine head of porter when it is finished.8
In the quicktime. The castle arkwright put in a chequered staircase9
certainly. It has only one square step, to be steady, yet notwith-10
stumbling are they stalemating backgammoner supstairs by skips11
and trestles tiltop double corner. Whist while and game.12
    What scenic artist! It is ideal residence for realtar. By hims 13
ingang tilt tinkt a tunning bell that Limen Mr, that Boggey14
Godde, be airwaked. Lingling, lingling. Be their maggies in all.15
Chump, do your ephort. Shop! Please shop! Shop ado please!16
O ado please shop! How hominous his house, haunt it? Yesses17
indead it be ! Nogen, of imperial measure, is begraved beneadher.18
Here are his naggins poured, his alladim lamps. Around the19
bloombiered, booty with the bedst. For them whom he have20
fordone make we newly thankful !21
    Tell me something. The Porters, so to speak, after their 22
shadowstealers in the newsbaggers, are very nice people, are they23
not? Very, all fourlike tellt. And on this wise, Mr Porter (Bar-24
tholomew, heavy man, astern, mackerel shirt, hayamatt peruke)25
is an excellent forefather and Mrs Porter (leading lady, a26
poopahead, gaffneysaffron nightdress, iszoppy chepelure) is a27
most kindhearted messmother. A so united family pateramater28
is not more existing on papel or off of it. As keymaster fits the29
lock it weds so this bally builder to his streamline secret. They30
care for nothing except everything that is allporterous. Porto31
da Brozzo! Isn't that terribly nice of them? You can ken that they32
come of a rarely old family by their costumance and one must33
togive that one supped of it in all tonearts from awe to zest. I34
think I begin to divine so much. Only snakkest me truesome! I35
stone us I'm hable.36