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skirts of city. Groove two. Chamber scene. Boxed. Ordinary bed-1
room set. Salmonpapered walls. Back, empty Irish grate, Adam's2
mantel, with wilting elopement fan, soot and tinsel, condemned.3
North, wall with window practicable. Argentine in casement4
Vamp. Pelmit above. No curtains. Blind drawn. South, party wall5
Bed for two with strawberry bedspread, wickerworker clubsessel6
and caneseated millikinstool. Bookshrine without, facetowel upon.7
Chair for one. Woman's garments on chair. Man's trousers with8
crossbelt braces, collar on bedknob. Man's corduroy surcoat with9
tabrets and taces, seapan nacre buttons on nail. Woman's gown10
on ditto. Over mantelpiece picture of Michael, lance, slaying11
Satan, dragon with smoke. Small table near bed, front. Bed with12
bedding. Spare. Flagpatch quilt. Yverdown design. Limes.13
Lighted lamp without globe, scarf, gazette, tumbler, quantity14
of water, julepot, ticker, side props, eventuals, man's gummy15
article, pink.16
    A time. 17
    Act: dumbshow. 18
    Closeup. Leads. 19
    Man with nightcap, in bed, fore. Woman, with curlpins, hind. 20
Discovered. Side point of view. First position of harmony. Say!21
Eh? Ha! Check action. Matt. Male partly masking female. Man22
looking round, beastly expression, fishy eyes, paralleliped23
homoplatts, ghazometron pondus, exhibits rage. Business. Ruddy24
blond, Armenian bole, black patch, beer wig, gross build,25
episcopalian, any age. Woman, sitting, looks at ceiling, haggish26
expression, peaky nose, trekant mouth, fithery wight, exhibits27
fear. Welshrabbit teint, Nubian shine, nasal fossette, turfy tuft,28
undersized, free kirk, no age. Closeup. Play!29
    Callboy. Cry off. Tabler. Her move. 30
    Footage. 31
    By the sinewy forequarters of the mare Pocahontas and by the 32
white shoulders of Finnuala you should have seen how that33
smart sallowlass just hopped a nanny's gambit out of bunk like34
old mother Mesopotomac and in eight and eight sixtyfour she35
was off, door, knightlamp with her, billy's largelimbs prodgering36