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cramp for Hemself and Co, Esquara, or them four hoarsemen on1
their apolkaloops, Norreys, Soothbys, Yates and Welks, and,2
galorybit of the sanes in hevel, there was a crick up the stirkiss3
and when she ruz the cankle to see, galohery, downand she went4
on her knees to blessersef that were knogging together like milk-5
juggles as if it was the wrake of the hapspurus or old Kong6
Gander O'Toole of the Mountains or his googoo goosth she7
seein, sliving off over the sawdust lobby out of the backroom, wan8
ter, that was everywans in turruns, in his honeymoon trim, holding9
up his fingerhals, with the clookey in his fisstball, tocher of davy's,10
tocher of ivileagh, for her to whisht, you sowbelly, and the11
whites of his pious eyebulbs swering her to silence and coort;12
    each and every juridical sessions night, whenas goodmen 13
twelve and true at fox and geese in their numbered habitations14
tried old wireless over boord in their juremembers, whereas by15
reverendum they found him guilty of their and those imputations16
of fornicolopulation with two of his albowcrural correlations on17
whom he was said to have enjoyed by anticipation when school-18
ing them in amown, mid grass, she sat, when man was, amazingly19
frank, for their first conjugation whose colours at standing up20
from the above were of a pretty carnation but, if really 'twere21
not so, of some deretane denudation with intent to excitation,22
caused by his retrogradation, among firearmed forces proper to23
this nation but apart from all titillation which, he said, was under24
heat pressure and a good mitigation without which in any case25
he insists upon being worthy of continued alimentation for him26
having displayed, he says, such grand toleration, reprobate so27
noted and all, as he was, with his washleather sweeds and his28
smokingstump, for denying transubstantiation nevertheless in29
respect of his highpowered station, whereof more especially as30
probably he was meantime suffering genteel tortures from the31
best medical attestation, as he oftentimes did, having only32
strength enough, by way of festination, to implore (or I believe33
you have might have said better) to complore, with complete34
obsecration, on everybody connected with him the curse of co-35
agulation for, he tells me outside Sammon's in King Street, after36